Born 12 November 1994, in Chiles capital city, Santiago, Sebastian Yomas life started to change the evening he played what he called a weird four string guitar that first time he saw an electric bass at his friends house. Since then, Sebastian made the bass a part of his life.He started performing at nightclubs, theaters, and school-musical events as a bass player, as soon as he could. He began playing any style, any kind of music, and with any band that he came across. At the age of seventeen, he had decided to study music outside of his country, in order to explore, learn, and be part of other musical cultures.In Fall of 2013, Sebastian started his studies at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where he was awarded a scholarship. Here, he was a part of many different projects that helped him develop and grow as a musician and as a person. Currently, Sebastian is a recent, Berklee graduate. With versatile skills, knowledge, and a passion for music that can be applied in many capacities within the music business, Sebastian is eager to make a meaningful contribution to the music industry.