The violin is an exquisite string instrument which has its roots in Italy and has now spread throughout the world. As the smallest member of the string family of instruments, the violin produces sound by drawing the bow against its four strings. Since the violin was first introduced in the 1500s, it has been continuously perfected over the centuries and there is no better time than right now to learn the violin.

Your online violin instructor will teach you how to properly draw the bow and control the pitch of your instrument. Even if you’re a beginner violin player with little experience, you’ll be able to learn proper fingering if you’re committed to the process. Developing violin skills is about persistence and patience, and by following internet violin lessons you’ll place yourself on the path to success, even if you don’t notice immediate results.

Playing the violin requires the violinist to hold the instrument properly, and this is an art which can be fine-tuned by learning from online violin lessons. Additionally, many violinists recommend using a shoulder rest to remain comfortable while practicing the violin. Many new violin students find that the easiest way to go about acquiring the instrument is to purchase the violin, bow, and case as a single unit.

The violin can be played standing or sitting. In both situations, violinists should pay close attention to their posture and refrain from slouching. By practicing the violin, you’ll find which position is most comfortable for your body. Additionally, place the violin under your chin, and be sure to follow your online violin instructor’s advice so that you don’t form unhelpful violin habits.

Violin maintenance is essential, though not complicated in the slightest. Be sure to always secure your violin in its case before traveling with it, and clean it occasionally so that residue does not build up. Violin tuning can be time consuming at first, but by practicing with your online violin teacher, it will quickly become second nature. Join in today at Live Music Tutor in 3 simple steps; create your profile, select your violin instructor and start learning today!