Learning music theory is learning about the language of music and how music works. It is similar to learning the rules of grammar that govern written language. As it is with language, music has existed for thousands of years before theory came along, so it's possible that you have learned music by ear even without formal training. The only difference is you are probably not aware that there are scientific reasons as to why certain songs catch on and why others fail, why certain musical formulas are adopted time and time again, and why certain songs make people cry.

Like the educational leaps that you achieve from learning a new language, music theory lessons can help musicians to read or write music, perform new styles of music, or simply develop the confidence to experiment with new techniques. Music theory enables you to understand what pitch is, how it's different from rhythm, and what makes a series of tones a melody. You'll learn how to construct major and minor scales, differentiate texture from timbre, or understand what makes harmonious music, harmonious.

Music theory allows a self-trained musician to "hear" a musical "conversation" written as a piece of sheet music. This makes it possible for musicians to read and play compositions the way the composer intended. If you want to transform your weekly jam sessions into a full-time occupation, you’ll need music teachers who can impart to you lessons and inspiration that will provide you a solid foundation to launch a musical career.

Music theory does not tell what a musician has to do; it just tells them what composers have done in the past and why their compositions worked. Just as poets are not limited by the rules of grammar, musicians too can have poetic license and break certain rules of music theory to create the piece they want.

If you have a passion for music but not playing an instrument, or if you have played music and want to undergo formal training, or if you want to get started on music writing and don’t know where to begin, music theory lessons are for you.

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