Saxophones are extremely versatile instruments and played in a wide variety of contexts, including in jazz groups, various bands, and even in solo performances. The saxophone is usually produced from brass, but it’s classified as a woodwind instrument due to how it’s played.

Many aspiring musicians interested in learning to play the saxophone think that the instrument must’ve been around for centuries due to its popularity. They are surprised to learn that the saxophone is a relatively new instrument that was first invented in the 1850s

Although many people think of the saxophone primarily as a jazz instrument, the reality is that by taking online saxophone lessons and mastering the instrument, you’ll be able to play whatever musical style you please.

The instrument that’s most similar to the saxophone is arguably the clarinet, but beginner saxophone players will be grateful to hear that the saxophone is generally considered easier to learn. Played with a single reed, saxophone players have a great deal of control over the sound produced by their instrument.

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There are several different types of saxophones that are distinguished by the type of pitch that they produce. Whether you’d like to play a high-pitched soprano or a low-pitched baritone, online saxophone lessons through Live Music Tutor will improve your skills.

Nowadays, the initial scepticism that faced the saxophone when it was first introduced nearly 200 years ago is long gone. That’s why it’s never been a better time to learn the saxophone with online lessons and capitalize on its growing popularity.

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