Our History

Live Music Tutor was started in 2010 by Jason Goughnour, a classically trained musician. Jason wanted to create a way for musicians to teach and students to learn music in the privacy of their own homes using the Internet to connect, eliminating the restrictions of geography in music education. He also wanted to address the decline of music programs in schools across the country and around the world, many of which have been hard hit with budget cuts for many years.

Jason developed the initial platform that would provide the opportunity for students to connect with instructors using the internet. Students could learn music and its fundamentals in the convenience of their own homes. The basic functionality allows students to search for lessons that meet their needs, at any level from beginner to expert, with instructors from around the world. The Live Music Tutor Platform allows the student and instructor to interact through live streaming video, making tradition challenges of music instruction, like geography, driving, and limited schedules, no longer a constraint.

Jason initially hired Ted Gee to build a business model and develop an execution strategy. As Ted became more intimately involved with Jason‘s vision, he saw tremendous potential and opportunity. Ted entered into a partnership with Jason in 2011.

Jason and Ted envisioned two curriculums: a formal curriculum that could augment or even replace school based music instruction; and an informal program for anyone with a love of music and a desire to learn and improve their own ability to play. The Live Music Tutor Platform would offer both one on one private lessons as well as group lessons in a virtual classroom.

Students can also benefit from special events, master lessons, and a library of music instruction videos and performances. Both students and instructors could practice in the privacy of their own homes. Live Music Tutor provides the ultimate convenience to both students and instructors, as well as the possibility of connecting with anyone from around the world.

Borrowing from Ted‘s unique skill set as a business leader and personal resources in combination with Jason‘s vision of online music instruction, they started to build a team that could deliver their shared vision to market.

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