Learn a single song, or master the instrument. Getting started with Live Music Tutor is simple. Customize your own experience by selecting an instructor, taking individual or group lessons, and scheduling courses during times that are convenient for you. Plus, lessons start at just $25.

Whether acoustic or electric, guitars are one of the easiest musical instruments to learn. A beginner needs less than 10 hours of basic guitar lessons to play a simple song, but even daily 15-minute practice will make it easier for to learn the instrument after just one week.

The benefits of learning to play the guitar (besides looking cool) include:

  • Expressing your passion—country, blues, folk, metal, pop; there are endless styles of music that let you express your creativity.
  • Boosting brainpower—reading music, learning chords, memorizing songs naturally stimulates your brain.
  • Expanding your social circle—bond with fellow enthusiasts and meet new ones.