The zheng is a traditional Chinese instrument with an illustrious history that dates back thousands of years. In addition to having a history that is over 2,500 years old, the zheng is also distinguished in the way that it inspired the creation of other musical instruments.

Nowadays, there are plenty of reasons why aspiring musicians want to learn to play the zheng, even if they have no interest in classical Chinese music. That’s because the zheng is now being used in lots of creative ways in the contemporary pop music scene, offering zheng players new opportunities to shine.

Playing the zheng properly is all about mastering the subtle techniques involved with applying pressure and plucking the strings. Typically, the right hand is used to pluck the zheng’s strings while pressure is applied from the left hand. However, now that modern zheng players are using the instrument in all sorts of creative ways, there are new techniques that beginners can utilize to learn the zheng.

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Many aspiring musicians have found that playing the zheng involves very similar skills to playing the piano. Now that the zheng is used in both traditional and non-traditional contexts, there are more reasons than ever for musicians to learn the zheng so that it can be used to their advantage.

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