A distinctive brass instrument wherein the low pitch is produced by touching ones lips to its wide-rimmed mouthpiece. This instrument is commonly used in both brass bands and marching bands. Taking baritone lessons is a great way of mastering this medium-to-low pitched instrument. It’s typical to find baritones in the context of military bands and schools bands. Meanwhile, once you learn how to play the baritone, you can do solo parts, too.

Keep both of your feet on the ground while playing the baritone horn and make sure your spine is straight. Hold the baritone close to your body, being sure that the fingers of your right hand are on the keys and can easily press the valves to adjust the sound. Inhale full, deep breaths and practice buzzing your lips against the mouthpiece until you’re comfortable with the instrument.

Don’t allow the large size of a baritone intimidate you—it’s actually one of the easier instruments to learn, even if you’re relying exclusively on online baritone lessons. It’s also fairly common for aspiring tuba players to spend time mastering the baritone before moving up to what’s generally considered a more complex instrument to learn.

One of the plusses of online baritone lessons is that basic baritone skills can be learned fairly easily, even if you don’t have a particularly strong music background. By putting the necessary hours into the basic baritone lessons and paying attention to the fundamentals, you can improve your baritone skills more quickly than you may even realize.

Aside from regular practice, don’t forget to take good care of your instrument. Oiling the valves of your baritone regularly is essential for preserving its sound. Moreover, if you’re using your instrument on a regular basis, it’s best to oil the valves approximately once a week.

Since the baritone is not nearly as competitive as many popular instruments, internet baritone lessons can provide you with the skillset to fill niche roles that let you shine!

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