Hello! My name is Jared Starr and I have a passion for teaching the violin. When I teach students, I strive to shape them not only as musicians, but as overall people. Whether a student is young or old, violin lessons can benefit them in a variety of ways. As a musician, they will develop a keener musical ear, the ability to read music at different levels, the aptitude to perform for groups of people, a strong sense of rhythm, effective practice techniques, and an overall love for the therapeutic influence music has. As a person, they will develop discipline in achieving goals, self-motivation, consistent vigilance in developing new skills, and the chance to explore their own personal creativity. From my own experience, music has not only brought happiness to my life, but has helped me excel in all of my endeavors educationally and occupationally. My education as a musician and teacher has been vast. I currently hold a Masters degree from Florida State University and a Bachelors degree from Brigham Young University both in violin performance. I am currently in my second year of pursuing Doctorate degree at Florida State University in violin performance with the aspiration of professorship at an academic institution. My teaching experience includes teaching positions at Florida State University, Brigham Young University, and the Montgomery Music Project in Alabama. I have also developed private studios in Florida, Alabama, Utah, and Kansas since I was a freshman in high school. In all of my teaching locations, my students have significantly varied in age and ability. I have taught children as young as five years old and adults as old as 65. Amongst my students, I have taught levels ranging from beginning Suzuki violin lessons to music majors playing solo Bach and major violin concertos. Hence, I have discovered the importance of teaching every student a bit differently depending on their personality, level, work ethic, and overall goals as a violinist.