What’s the perfect piano or keyboard for you?


Playing the piano for the first time is an exciting learning opportunity not just to develop a musical skill but also as away to express yourself creatively. But like any beginners, you will need a good, proper instrument in order to experience it without sacrificing your comfort and of course, quality. Choosing the best keyboard for you When picking which keyboard instrument is best for you, it is considerable which one best fit your skills and your budget.  

1. Acoustic piano
- It is essential for beginners to develop hand strength and explore a wide range of music to choose from, which makes acoustic pianos the preferred choice. Unlike digital pianos and electronic keyboards, it has real strings that produce a range of dynamics and tone color, as well as a level of responsiveness that are unique to it. It provides beginners with the best opportunity and the advantage to find their feel and touch with this nuanced instrument, which are limited when it comes to its digital counterparts. It is the largest, widest, and most expensive option but is also the one that will last the longest up to 50 years, if well-maintained.
2. Digital piano - Designed to simulate the acoustic piano, it provides a good alternative when it comes to range of dynamics because of its speed and pressure sensitivity. The keys are weighted to provide the right resistance to touch. They are smaller (installed in a cabinet-style console) and less expensive than the acoustic piano.
3. Electronic keyboard - Compared to the previous two, electronic keyboard is not the most preferred instrument to start with due to its limitations (non-weighted and non-full-size). However, a close alternative is a minimum of 61 keys, preferably 88 weighted keys in order to enjoy a similar experience to its weighted, full-size counterparts. The electronic keyboard is the smallest out of the three options and the least expensive. However, since its portable, it is highly recommended to have a keyboard stand with the appropriate height to maintain correct playing posture, which is essential especially when transitioning to acoustic, vertical, or digital piano.

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