Back in 2006, Terje Isungsetan accomplished jazz and Swedish music percussionist and Pl K Medhus Director of Tourism, created the worlds only Ice Music Festival in Geilo, Norway. Audience members snuggle up under frozen architectural structures for three full days of live music. The diverse variety of instruments include, guitar, drums, violin, saxophone and harp that are all made of you guessed it ice, ice, baby. If you think its difficult to learn to play an instrument, try learning to play one that melts!

Musical artists come from all over the world to put on concerts and talk about their crafts. This years lineup also included an upcoming Norwegian singer, Fieh who, along with her ice band of bass guitarist, drummer, and backup singers, channeled the spirit of Erykah Badu, DAngelo, and other R&B, hip-hop and jazz musicians.

The music festival is a tribute to art, the environment, and the earths most vital resource. Good news: there's still time to get tickets for 2018!