Hello, my name is Alex Stigleman. I'm a music major in college currently going for my Bachelor's degree, but my goal is to someday have a Doctorate degree. Guitar is my main instrument, but I play and teach piano as well. My strengths as a player are in the rock, jazz, funk, blues, and contemporary worship genres. I've been teaching private guitar and piano lessons for ever a year now, and have had nothing but great feedback from all of my students. As far as accomplishments, two years ago I was chosen to play at a church event with over 20,000 people in attendance in an arena. That was a life altering experience for me and is something I will never forget. My teaching style is very versatile compared to most instructors. I try to marry the technical with the ears. I'm a very firm believer in having musical knowledge as well as having great ears. However, I won't push any of that on my students. I will help them with what interests them, and that's my goal. I want my students to get out of their lessons what they want, and not what I want them to do. I'm here to help others make music, and become better.