My name is Clay Steininger. I am a lifelong musician who started studying music 34 years ago at the age of 7. I perform and record in a wide variety of music styles with my speciality being: rock, jazz, funk, blues, and Latin music. My primary instruments are the guitar and piano. I have a passion for improvisation (playing solos) and also ear training and music theory. As well I produce music and have a record label. Besides offering instrumental music lessons, I can offer advice to advance your ability to record and produce your own music. My career accomplishments include recording, directing, and being the lead guitarist for Carlos y Alejandra, an award winning tropical duo that has had multiple top ten Billboard hits. I currently direct and play lead guitar for Domenic Marte, an award winning tropical artist, who also has multiple top 10 Billboard hits. I have also been a music teacher for ten years and taught thousands of students of all ages and abilities. Please check out my videos here at livemusictutor.com to know more about me. I am very flexible with scheduling, so please do not hesitate to contact me!